Friday, March 13, 2015

The Inverse Relationship between Creative Genius and Noise

A few months back, I changed jobs.  My previous job was in a very noisy environment.  It did not need to be noisy, but I reported to a person that had the attention span of a retarded howler monkey.  He was always irritated at me for my desire for quiet.  I am a software developer (among other things), and software development is a creative activity that requires concentration.  I can keep my focus for many hours on end, provided I am not distracted by the sounds of other primates.  My concentration is so strong, I once drove from Los Angeles, California to Brownsville, Texas, alone, stopping on for fuel, food, and bathrooms - basically non-stop.

I was delighted to come across this article: Easily Distracted By Noise?  You Might Just Be A Creative Genius.  Laugh at my lack of humility, if you wish, but I am a creative genius.  However, what I loved so much about this claim is that it shows just how dull that howler monkey really is.

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