Saturday, April 12, 2014

Russian Red

I love the Spanish sense of reality.

Nice Voices

Had a great time in California

I had a great time running around Southern California.  Though I've been in LA not too long ago, I hadn't been in San Diego for a while.  I still very much love the area.  I do not plan on returning permanently, but I may choose to live there part-time once my daughter graduates from High School.  My primary reason for avoiding the place is that I do not want to see my ex-wife again, given her involvement in the harassment I suffered online.  However, I no longer care one way or the other.  Basically, I'm indifferent.  Likewise, I chose not to visit a lot of people in the area I used to know because, well, they are people I used to know, in contrast to people I actually do know.

I had a great time with a friend visiting Tijuana.  I also had a great time visiting close friends in Orange County and Los Angeles.  I will be returning soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The FMLN has won again in El Salvador

Yet again, the FMLN has won in El Salvador, defeating the murderous fascist pigs known as ARENA.  My wife's family in El Salvador are keen supporters of ARENA and they hate the FMLN.  However, I am a supporter of the FMLN and I am delighted to see that the evil pigs that my wife's family supports have lost.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Morrissey - I Am Hated For Loving

How To Be a Bad Sister

As I watch my wife descend deeper and deeper into madness, I cannot help to reflect on how my wife's family in El Salvador has let her down.  Like most schizophrenics, my wife thinks she is fine.  All of these problems she has are external, she believes.  Sure, we all have ghosts following us about and insulting us 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  We all believe there is a chip implanted in our stomach controlling us.  We all believe that some powerful artist believes we are the reincarnation of a famous person long since dead and that said artist surveils us from the other side of the ocean, sparing no expense to taunt us until we capitulate and admit that yes, we are that long dead figure.  I suppose that if one is an undereducated idiot, one would believe such things, but this is the 21st Century and there is no longer an excuse to believe that schizophrenia is a supernatural phenomenon.

All of this would be comical if it did not have such destructive consequences.  She is constantly under the belief that everyone close to her is her enemy secretly conspiring against her, making it a living Hell for those that actually care for her.  She has alienated all of her friends.  She has alienated my family.  She cannot work.  She lives in terror of something that is actually herself and as we all know, we cannot escape ourselves.

More than a year ago, I set out to help her.  I took her to a doctor and the doctor wanted to give her an MRI.  "It could be a tumor, dementia, a mental illness..." we were told.  She refused.  She believed, instead, that we were trying to put her away.  I explained that no one can just put her away and that failure to act could result in a worsening condition that might become unrecoverable, but she refused and continues to refuse.  In fact, she hates anyone that suggests she is mentally ill.

I reached out to her family in El Salvador.  They completely ignored it.  Here are people that have maids to do the work they should do themselves.  The live in luxury in a very poor country.  Apparently, they don't even care about each other because they don't care about my wife.  Next, I reached out to my wife's family in Canada.  They were as helpful as they could be, but like me, their influence over her is less than that of her family in El Salvador.  I had to beg her family in El Salvador to send someone to talk with her.  They interpreted my request as part of a plot to have my wife thrown into a loony bin.  Yes, my wife's sister came.  Her mother came, but hid in a hotel.  They did nothing to help her.

Next I sent my wife to El Salvador hoping that they would observe her and take her to a psychiatrist for help.  My brother-in-law had a psychologist lined up, not to help my wife, but to make a quick visit and write up a piece of paper saying she is fine (which is bull-shit).  You cannot diagnose schizophrenia in one visit and you cannot diagnose it without interviewing the people that the patient lives with.  No one contacted us.  If they had, I could have shown the doctor hundreds of notes she has written about her delusions, recordings of her rantings and her conversations with the voices in her head.  Heck, I sent some of that proof to her sister and she interpreted it as a hostile act.

They say that if left untreated, schizophrenia gets worse and that those suffering from it begin to lose whatever opportunity they may have had to have some semblance of a normal life.  My wife has deteriorated so far that she is not in our reality at all anymore.  I think it is now too late.  Her life has been wasted because of the stupidity and lack of concern within her family.  Honestly, I am angry and disappointed beyond words.  The person I was going to spend my life with is beyond help because her own family refused to help her.  As far as I'm concerned, they had her life in their hands and they tossed her into the abyss.  I will never forgive them for it.