Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look at an ugly woman through the beer goggles of deception

Have you ever met someone that, after many years, you looked back and wondered how you could have ever found that person attractive?  Many times I've wondered how it was that I fell for a sociopath named Bridget.

Bridget was not good looking.  At that time in my life I was in a relationship that repeatedly extinguished every dream I had.  When Bridget came into my life, I saw her as the opposite of the person with whom I was bound.  Bridget, it was later revealed, was an infiltrator sent to spy on a political organization that I was a member of.  Had I known that, back then, there never would have been any connection between myself and this subhuman waste of skin.

I was aware of her profound physical ugliness, but there was something about her personality and her professed interests that drew me in and overcame her plainness.    My estimation of the inner Bridget became a kind of beer goggles, masking her true presentation.  I was willing to ignore her far-too-pale skin, her straw hair, her hideous nose, and her boring eyes.

Before that point, I didn't know what a sociopath really was.  Her fake persona was a professional act.  I was tricked.  Later I discovered that she was a liar, a snitch, a defamer, and an amoral hollow shell of a person.  It is a hard lesson I learned.  I am now far more cautious of people that drop into my life.

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