Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creeps from childhood...

Sometimes I think the most pathetic people that have been a part of my life are the back biters that were my friends when I was young.  Most of my friends of youth have spent their entire lives within but a few miles of where they were born.  I haven't.  In fact, I've lived in more places than most people have visited.  Each place I've lived has changed me a bit.  Additionally, I've seen things in this world that few Americans have seen.  I've seen the consequences of war.  I've seen (and lived in) abject poverty.  I've nearly died several times.  Everything I have in life has been a great struggle.  I even had to fight to get my wife and daughter into the United States.  Yet, over the years, this "friends" of youth have done what they can to bring me down and to judge me by the mistakes I made as a young person, a person I am no longer.

I can see why these people don't understand that people can change profoundly.  I think an important ingredient in change involves going out into the world and fighting to exist.  They haven't done these things.  The most pathetic of all is an ex-girlfriend.  She never had to struggle in life.  Yet, she found plenty of time to attack someone she doesn't even know.  I think it runs in her family.  Her father was an asshole too.

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