Sunday, November 15, 2015

On Terrorism: It's not Islam, it's memetic-cancer...

Psychopaths engage in terrorism. Psychopaths are found among the religious and the non-religious.  Ideologies mobilize psychopaths to commit atrocities.  You can think of these psychopaths as the anti-bodies of the ideology.  Some believers in an ideology are like farmers, they sow seeds and create more believers.  Some believers in an ideology are like spores and stamens, they cause an ideology to manifest in different ways through the merger and cross-productization of concepts within an ideology.  Some believers in ideologies are creative and they mutate the ideology, causing it to explore new possibilities.  Some followers pass on these mutations, some leave the ideology.  Those mutations that are passed on, win the competition and evolution of the ideology takes place.  The anti-bodies attack outside ideas and police the ideas inside, trying to weed out the mutations.  From time time, a mutation gets out of hand and cannot be stopped by the anti-bodies and becomes a cancer.  This cancer is fundamentalism.

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