Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cool! This High School Senior Without A Prom Date Asked Kate Upton To Kill Him

In reference to this:  Cool! This High School Senior Without A Prom Date Asked Kate Upton To Kill Him

This is not brilliant, in so many ways.

First, this boy needs help.  Someone should get him a psychiatrist.

Also, this reminds me too much of the stalker that mailed a bomb to Bjork.  I don't know Kate, aside from some images of her beautiful body I have seen.  He doesn't either.  Yet, he is using her as a tool.  He is using her to get attention for himself.  She probably isn't having a very good day about this.  There are likely other nuts out there that will see this as a cool idea and try something similar.  Bjork's experience had a profoundly negative effect upon her life.

If he is using another person this way, simply because she is beautiful and desired by many, what does this say about him?  Is he really a nice guy?  He refers to football players as dumb and seems upset that women like them and not him.  Well, most football players I've know are, in fact, dumb.  Some are smart (but not that many).  However, being smart isn't the only thing a woman is looking for in a man.  A woman is seeking a man that is not a danger to herself.  A woman is seeking a man the is confident (he's not).  A woman might be seeking a man she finds attractive (like he appears to find Kate).  How many non-attractive women did he ask to the prom?

There was a young man in California not long ago that was angry at women for their rejection of him.  He went out shooting people.  He thought they couldn't see what is good in him.  Well, turns out, they were right.  He was a potential murderer that became a real murderer.

Finally, most people think of themselves as nice.  Men turn around and say, "Women just don't like nice guys, and then they whine about it."  There were times in my life when I thought the same thing, but you know what?  If you think you are a nice guy and women still don't want you it's because you are not a nice guy.  They can perceive things about you that you don't.  Evolution programmed this into them.  If women don't like you, maybe you need to fix yourself.  Maybe you are too interested in yourself?  Maybe your demonstration of "niceness" is all about getting what YOU want.  Besides, there are reasons why a woman might be better off with a man different from the way you are.  It's OK to be whatever way you are, but you HAVE NO RIGHT to a woman.  Don't expect to be something a woman doesn't want and then demand to have one because women, like you, have lives of their own.  Now fuck off and stop posting shit videos.

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