Saturday, April 12, 2014

Had a great time in California

I had a great time running around Southern California.  Though I've been in LA not too long ago, I hadn't been in San Diego for a while.  I still very much love the area.  I do not plan on returning permanently, but I may choose to live there part-time once my daughter graduates from High School.  My primary reason for avoiding the place is that I do not want to see my ex-wife again, given her involvement in the harassment I suffered online.  However, I no longer care one way or the other.  Basically, I'm indifferent.  Likewise, I chose not to visit a lot of people in the area I used to know because, well, they are people I used to know, in contrast to people I actually do know.

I had a great time with a friend visiting Tijuana.  I also had a great time visiting close friends in Orange County and Los Angeles.  I will be returning soon.

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