Saturday, February 1, 2014

If I could do it all again, I wouldn't.

This video is the perfect description of a woman I once knew. She seemed charming and I must admit that I fell for the persona that she wore as a mask.  There is much more to the story, too much to waste my time explaining, but she was my first close experience with someone polluted with narcissistic personality disorder.  Love makes one blind, so even with all the evidence, I rejected the possibility that this "friend", Bridget, was mentally ill.  She even revealed that she had no empathy, but I thought she was exaggerating.  Her room mate, Robin, warned me that Bridget is a narcissist, but I ignored that too.  I can only blame myself for not having accepted the blatantly obvious truth that Bridget is a narcissist.  Love does that to people.  We turn a blind eye to the negative attributes of those we love.  It is foolish to do this, but that is what hormones do when dumped into our blood.

Looking back, benefiting from what I now know about her, with the veil of love lifted from eyes, I see how profoundly ugly Bridget is.  I remember looking over at her from the passenger side of her pathetically shitty car, looking at her face, and seeing a booger hanging from her nose.  The fact is, with her pale face, ugly teeth, and hay colored hair, only a fool in love could have seen anything beautiful in her.  Alas, her ugliness was more than skin deep - it extended all the way to the core of her being.

She's the only person I know that was fired from a job for moral turpitude.  She would get angry at the slightest criticism.  Her understanding of society and of other human beings was nil.

Anyway, here is a video that reminds me of her.

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