Monday, December 31, 2012

Worst People I've Known

Lists are the kind of thing people come up with at the end of the year.  Last year I gave thanks to people who have helped me in life changing ways.  This year I am listing the worst, lowest, and/or most evil people I have known in life.  I list them in no particular order.  To qualify for being on this list you must have (1) demonstrated a lack of empathy for your fellow humans, (2) engaged in intentionally malicious acts against others, and (3) have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Lowest Human Beings I've Known
Each and every one of them a sociopath

No particular order...

Karen Pr.
Mary Sh.
Douglas Le.
Bridget O.
Alan W.
Josiah H.
Jack (John) F.
Bjørn A.
Stefano B.
Michael A.
Michael W.
Robert Cr.
Holly S.
James Ca.
Keith G.
Paula M.
John J.
Cyndy M.

I think I've been on this planet long enough to have run into this many sociopaths.  I've actually met many more than listed here, but some sociopaths have redeeming qualities, those listed here do not.

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