Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life is too short to spend it with a stupid mate

Since I've only had relationships with women, I can only speak in the capacity of a straight man. If there is but one important lesson of love that I have learned it is this: never enter into a relationship with a stupid woman (the same is probably true about men, but I lack the experience to know for sure). Here are the draw-backs of relationships with stupid women.

(1) She can easily be manipulated by other men.

(2) Years later she will forget how old you were and start making up stories that you were not just three years older than her, but a whole generation older, that you "made her fall in love with you," and that everything that happened between the two of you was the product of that imagined age difference. Pointing out mathematical reality like, you were born in year X and I was born in year X - 3 would be meaningless to her because, well, because she's so fucking stupid.

(3) Her limited understanding of EVERYTHING will lead her to adapt some simple theory that someone told her and she will try to stuff you into that theory and draw from it a million other non-factual conclusions about you.

(4) Her stupidity will make her think that someone that is attempting to harm her is attempting to help her (remember point (1) above).

(5) She will never take responsibility for her own decisions.

So, my advice to men is to NOT pursue that stupid woman and wait until you find a truly intelligent woman. Brains make a very big difference.

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