Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nothing of significance

Following up on my previous post, because of the resistance of my ex-wife, nothing of significance ever happened in our relationship when both of us were present. If I were to list all of the great adventures of my life, she was not present for any of them. Even during the span of our marriage, nothing of great importance in my life happened when we were together. We traveled to no exotic places together, he had no children, none of our conversations enlightened me... I had several psychological problems when I was young, but she played no role in helping me with any of them. The fact is, she did not improve my life in any way. Quite the contrary, she merely diminished my life.

If I had stayed with her, I would never have visited England, France, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, or Puerto Rico. Had I stayed with her, I would never have learned the Spanish language. Had I stayed with her, I would have been childless. The greatest adventures of my life would never have taken place, had I stayed with her. Truly, had I stayed with her, I would never have lived.

Without her, I have become much more than I was. I have overcome all of my significant defects. My world, without her, is much bigger than it ever was with her. She was the best loss I ever had.

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